We love the front fuel delete on the 550 Kawasaki, but...

We love the front fuel delete on the 550 Kawasaki, however when you do this you end up filling up the fuel through the top of the tank. This is fine, but you must pull out all the fuel lines when you do it. This is of course an issue as you have all the fuel lines out and fuel is running everywhere inside your ski causing a fuel mess as well as a possible issue with safety.

This is a situation we were not prepared to accept so we put our heads together to come up with a solution. This is it, the wax racing Front Fuel System.

The unit is precision machined from 6061 aluminium and anodized in Wax Racing blue.  It comes with our own custom clunks, which are made in the very same material, with the very same quality as you're used to with Wax Racing Products.

This would have been finished months ago however the awesome new tanks made by Ty McFarland have a larger inlet hole on the inside and so it meant that when you used this on a stock tank it would not fit. It was back to the drawing board and a whole new redesign. The new units come with a single 0-ring groove as you can see in the drawings, but with two 0-rings depending on the tank you use it on.

The genuine Kawasaki tanks are smaller on the inside hole so you then simply use your Kawasaki fuel cap on the thread where the old fuel system used to go.

Nothing can come close to the incredible look of this unit and Filling is breeze now with no fuel spills!

We are using an ADA racing fuel cap for our tank for the billet look, but any 550 fuel cap will work.

Shipping of these products will start in early March 2018.

Contact me on the Facebook 550 group to let me know if your interested and I will make sure your one of the first to get your hands on this jem!

* The Front Fuel System does not include fuel cap or fuel line.