A Racers Impression.

We had crazy rough conditions for our state championship racing 2 weeks ago and I think I spent more time swimming than on my ski. So for the surf racing this last weekend I decided to fit some rear sponsons.

I wanted sponsons that not only worked but also looked great, so I went with a set from Wax Racing. I was impressed with the quality of the product and how easy it was to fit them. I could not believe how much stability they gave the ski in the surf. When landing off a wave they kept the rear from sinking, making it easy to get back on the plane quickly.

These vintage skis are a handful over 50mph but after fitting the Wax Racing rear sponsons I was able to hold it pinned on the long back straight without it trying to kill me. I really like that you can adjust their placement for different situations in a few minutes.

Nicely done, Wax.