Who is Wax Racing?

Jared Martin started racing in 1991 on a 1987 650sx. He started in the last race of the season in a novice class and thought he was going to show the people a thing or two. In the end all he got was a mouth full of water, as the entire pack of competitors lapped him. In the 1992 season, he did the first half on the 650sx before moving to a square nose super-jet. The super-jet was like fishing in a barrel after the 650. The following year He went on to race 650 limited where he took 2nd on tour and first at the nationals in 1993. From there, Jared went and raced a few more years but concentrated on the surf riding.

A common name in New Zealand for a surfer is a waxhead and thus Jared got the nick name jetski-waxhead. Which become Waxhead which then become Wax. Aaron Duff and himself used to spend their weekend out at Nungaru, North Island of New Zealand in the surf. Aaron on a 750 and wax on his fx1. Wax still remembers the lady telling him off for standing on the roof of my car while I was getting changed and the car was sitting in a foot of water. Good times!

After that, Wax moved to the Gold Coast and has been racing and surf riding ever since. Lately he has done more racing, but will always love the surf. Wax says he remembers seeing a poster one time that read “Only a surfer knows the feeling of taking the bottom turn”.  Wax disagreed with them on this as he believes there is nothing as great as slashing a wave on a small hull. 

Wax Racing Products was born from the need of the vintage ski scene. With all the big names in manufacturing gone from the 550 scene, it was making it hard to get good quality parts. With a background in computer aided drafting and also race engine building, it was a logical step. They will only ever use the highest quality material in their products with hard anodizing where its possible. Nobody wants a ball of fuzz.

Wax Racing believe very strongly in a fair trade and will never send you a part you will be disappointed in.